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You are here because you either type like a sausage fingered retarded chimp or you are one of the people that can't stand the moronic things that advertisers are telling us.  Regardless of the reason, you are here now so you might as well get to clicking the links. 

Shasta's Shitty Hospital

The ad tells us how much the Toyota Spyder sucks

What the fuck is wrong with McDonalds?

Apparently my bathroom is weird.

Home Depot's Tom Foolery

Here a big Fuck You to my imaginary readers

Apple Is Fucking Crazy

Anti-Drug Ads are on crack

Checkers sucks at math

Asians make some weird products

Teen boys getting pregnant?

Tampax makes vagina corks

Alkaseltzer is very very confused

Hugo fragrance has a foot fetish

Walgreens wall of stupidity

Sony gives me seziures


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